Established in 2006, Iokoi Advogados was created to serve medium and large companies in the Business Criminal field. The firm has developed a work methodology that, on one hand, prioritizes trust and partnership relation with clients and, on the other, talent training and retention.

Personalized service, focus on results and maximizing of resources are some of the objectives set to meet the new needs of legal departments of both national and multinational companies, whose results have placed the firm in evidence.

The firm distinguishes for rendering judicious legal service, for creating the best defense strategies for its clients, for the new law firm management techniques, and for the team coordination in defending high complexity cases.

Specialized practice in corporate fraud led the firm to incorporate a new partner to develop its labor area, initially aimed at cases of employees and contractors involved in unlawful acts against client business.

In parallel with the growing demand of foreign start-up companies in Brazil, the firm was driven to open the commercial contracts area, in order to serve foreign investors and multinational companies that were already part of the firm’s portfolio.

Iokoi Advogados has consolidated in the market with respectful lawyers, carrying competency, dedication, boldness and ethics as their marks.

Headquartered in one of the most traditional regions of São Paulo, the law firm has modern structure and smart working methodology, which reflects the technical quality of works developed and the achieved results.

On the other hand, the firm keeps personal track of cases throughout the country and also offers its clients a 24/7 service channel with more than 250 certified attorneys at their disposal.

The team is formed by lawyers who reconcile professional experience and good educational background. Added to this, the firm has an internal program to encourage the inclusion of team members on the country’s best specialization and graduate programs, seeking constant evolution of its structure.

Thus, Iokoi Advogados is increasingly consolidating as an eficient and trustworthy law firm, operating both nationally and internationally.

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